Authentication locks:

These lock needs a specific identification to allow access. It has few types of its own-

Security card - a special card is needed to swipe through this to allow entrance or exit.

Biometric – these types of lock need the finger prints, retinal scanning, voice demonization etc.  Analysis to give go signal of passing through, it’s the safest lock available.

Keypad lock – keypad locks requires set code or combination of digits to allow access.

Radio frequency identification- this method uses radio frequency of a person to allow access. The frequency can be detected from few feet away.

Having an electronic lock have its own benefits for sure like the key less entry, no longer you have to fiddle with keys to remember which goes to which lock .It is also quite convenient to use and you have full control of a system. It’s a user friendly device and easy to operate, with kids at home it provide a good ease of mind in various situations.

They must be skilled at woodwork to accurately cut out the sack in the door frame of the lock. Installation of the lock trim is also known for being problematic if the installer does not have the right amount of experience.

These locks are generally found in the old homes but they are good in securing your premises as they are hard to break-through. They are stylish and add to the beauty of your home.